Friday 25 September 2009 by By Jill Sikkens

When Baby Boy was born it was great making a card to announce his arrival. As I’ve described before, it was hard to choose our favourite photos to share with family and friends but “hard” is a relative term. Then when I wanted to make some thank you cards it was great to be able to use a photo from when he was a little bit older. The difference between the photos used on the two cards – in just a matter of weeks – is amazing.

But when it came to the thank you cards I wanted to be able to say thank you for the little things as much as presents. So rather than create a card that extended thanks for specifically a baby gift, I used one my favourite expressions for the card text and, of course, one of my favourite Baby Boy pictures.

“How happy a day can be when kindness touches it”

Showing appreciation and letting the giver know just how much their kindness meant is very important to me. It’s easy to use the excuse of being too busy to get around to saying thanks. But I find, by having a super sweet little personalised thank you note ready, it’s just a matter of finding the right words to show how happy their gesture has made you.

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