Friday 01 October 2010 by Helen

This morning, I stumbled across an interesting article about David Cameron's baby sleeping in a cardboard box.  It made me wonder if this is a first, or if there are other even stranger places where parents put their babies to sleep?

As the Cameron story goes, apparently, he and his family were on holiday when his wife Samantha gave birth. They had no cot, so his daughter decorated a cardboard box, transforming it into a cardboard cot. (Cornwall may be rural in places, but they do have shops, and surely a cot can't be that hard to come by?) Anyway, as much as I find the whole thing quite hard to believe, and suspect that the story may have been exaggerated slightly, I salute them on their resourcefulness, and the story did raise a smile. That said, I have concocted my own version of events...

It is possible that one rainy day during their holiday (or should I say staycation) they indulged their daughter when she had an arts and crafts moment and encouraged her to make a cot for her new baby sister, perhaps as part of an effort to make her feel included and not pushed out by the new arrival. Another potential scenario could be that they put the baby in a cardboard box, only temporarily, for a photo opportunity and, to their surprise, baby actually settled or even fell asleep. ‘Baby fell asleep in' became 'baby sleeps in.’ I'm also guessing the box was the Rolls Royce of cardboard boxes, as opposed to just any old shoebox. Pushing any scepticism to one side, and assuming that we do buy into the story 100 per cent, it does demonstrate a refreshingly healthy, relaxed and non-smothering approach to parenting. It is worth remembering though that this was David Cameron’s third child, and, going on what I've heard from other parents you're more likely to be relaxed and less neurotic with your second or third child. 

So, I've had a browse through some blogs to seek out other tales of the stranger places where babies have fallen asleep... Interesting sleeping spots include; washing baskets, wheelbarrows and sinks. And I did manage to find one slightly bizarre picture of a baby sleeping peacefully in the window of a Chinese medicine shop...

photo of a baby asleep in a shop window


Photo Credit; via Flickr  - AndrewCParnell

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