Card Design Top Tips & Techniques

To make the card design process as enjoyable as possible, Little One Prints has created an easy to use summary of our Top Tips and Techniques. Little One Prints offers the best range of online card personalisation tools in Europe. We make it easy to select your design, edit text, change fonts, upload and edit photos and choose your preferred card format. We want to ensure your design reflects your personal style, while clearly illustrating what your printed card will look like.

Creating a Personalised Card

Placing Your Order

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Creating a Personalised Card

How do I create a personalised greeting card?

Step 1: What type of card are you looking for?

Little One Prints offers five categories of card designs; "Birth Announcements", "Thank you", "Invitations", "Special Occasion" and "Holiday". The card categories are listed on the toolbar at the top of the page. However, as you can fully edit most of our designs to include any details you wish, you could certainly use a traditional "Holiday" card for your birth announcement. Or, for example, you could use a "Birth announcement" design for a 1st birthday invitation. You choose whatever message you'd like to share.

Within the "Birth Announcement", "Invitations" and "Holiday" categories, there are also subcategories. To choose a subcategory click on the main category heading in the toolbar at the top of the page and then select the subcategory from the drop down menu you are interested in. (i.e. Baby Girl, Christening, Christmas, etc). Some card designs may appear in more than one category.

Step 2: Do you want to sort the designs?

When you click on your category or subcategory, all of the designs will appear on a single page. You can view the various designs by scrolling up and down the page. Or, if you are looking for something specific, you can sort the designs using the search function at the top of the page. Simply use any combination of options from the drop down menus at the top of the page; Prominent Colour/ Designer/ Image Count/ Price and click the "go" button.

Step 3: Picking your card

Underneath each card are two links; "Card details" and "Personalise". If you would like more information about a specific design, you can click on "Card details". This will create a pop-up box with a larger image of the card design, as well as additional card information (Designer, Card type, Card styles, Card size, Prices per card (based on various quantities) and if envelopes are included with the cards). Both "Card type" and "Card styles" indicate how your card will be printed and which way the fold of the card will open.

Once you have chosen your design, click on "personalise" under the card thumbnail/ card image to add your personal details.

Step 4: How to personalise your card design

Choose your card style

After you click the "Personalise" you will be taken to the first page of the design process. The first step in designing your card is to choose whether you would like a folded card or postcard.

Please note the Little One Prints logo, FSC logo and order number will be printed on the back of your card. For folded cards, this means the back cover. For postcards, this means the reverse. The logos will be included on the PDF preview of your design, which you can review before you confirm your order.

Would you recommend postcard or folded card style?

There are two main considerations when selecting card style; i) how do you want your card to be displayed by the recipients and ii) how much hand written personalisation you want to add to your cards. Typically, a folded card is slightly more formal and can be displayed easily. However, there is also an expectation of a written note on the inside of the card, which does take more time. A postcard is less formal and can be a good way to share a specific announcement or invitation.

At this stage you can go back to the look at all designs, move forward to the next stage of the design process or save your card and finish it later. To choose your next step simply click on one of the links found to the right of the card style selection box. To go back to all card designs click "Back to designs"; to save your card click the "save card"; to continue with the design process click "next".

How to personalise card text

If there are personalised text areas on your design, after you click "next" the textbox screen will automatically come up. Suggested wording has been provided however, as mentioned above, you are able to write any message you like on your card. This prefilled text is simply a suggestion based on the design you have chosen (i.e. standard wording for baby girl birth announcement). So, do not feel that you have to complete the textbox(es) as suggested. Please feel free to write whatever you like. The more creative the better!

When you are happy with the text click "done" and the text will appear in the design.

For most of our designs, all of the text fields are editable. Some exceptions include the words "Thank You" and "Christening". To see if text can be changed hover your mouse over the existing text to see if a highlighted frame with the words "Click to edit" appears around that area, indicating that it is editable.

If you wish to make any changes, click on the grey shaded textbox and a "text edit" box will appear. This box will contain your text, as well as drop down menus for the various fonts, font styles and font sizes available. After you make a change to the font, click "preview" and the new font will be displayed on your design. This allows you to preview different font variations before selecting your final design.

NB: We strongly recommend that you use the default font settings as suggested by our designers. This font setting has been carefully selected to achieve the best aesthetic for the design.

Please note that if your text design doesn’t fit on the card you must remove some of your text OR reduce the font size/ change the font used. The default setting for each textbox is for the font to be centred on the page. It is not possible to change this alignment.

Once you have the message exactly how you like it click "done" to continue.

How to personalise card images

After you click "done" on the first textbox edit screen you will be taken to the "design the front of your card" page. On this page you can click on the textboxes (as described above) to edit the text, or you can add images.

  1. To upload photos from your computer:
    • Click on the "add photo" link in the Photo Tray at the bottom of the page (under your card design)
    • Click on the "browse" button to browse for photos on your computer
    • Select your photo and click "Open" to begin uploading. You can upload 3 photos at any one time. Please note the photo(s) may take several minutes to upload depending on your internet connection and file size.
    • Once a photo is uploaded, you can click "close window" to return to the card OR browse for another photo OR click on "add more" to add more photos
    • Photo(s) will be deposited into your Photo Tray below the card for you to drag and drop into the photo area(s) on your card design
  2. To move photos:
    • You can drag and drop photo(s) from the Photo Tray into the photo area(s)
  3. To remove a photo from a photo area:
    • Photos cannot be removed from a photo area once they have been added. However, if you wish to change the photo, simply drag and drop a different photo from the Photo Tray over the existing photo
  4. To remove a photo from the Photo Tray:
    • Click on the "remove photo" link in the Photo Tray and click on the photo you want to remove
  5. To edit your photo:
    • We offer three photo editing tools; photo rotation, image zoom (in and out) and colour options (black & white/ colour). To use any of these tools click on the photo to display the "Image edit" screen
    • As you make changes to your photo they will be previewed in your card design. Once you happy with the edited photo click "done" in the "Image edit" window to accept the changes in your design.

How do I know if my photo is suitable for printing?

Since the overall appearance of your stationery is highly dependent on the quality of your photographs, it is important to use clear, original and unedited photos. If you have a larger version of a photo, or if you have another snapshot that would be more suitable for printing, please use that photo instead. We recommend a file size of at least 1MB.

Make sure you are happy with how the image appears in the PDF preview. This will give you a good indication of how the photo will look when it is printed.

Feel free to contact our customer service department using our online form or by sending an email to if you have any further questions.

Again, at this point you may go back to the look at all designs, move forward to the next stage of the design process or save your card and finish it later. To choose your next step simply click on one of the links found the right of the card style selection box. To go back to all card designs click "Back to designs"; to save your card click the "save card"; to continue with the design process click "next".

How to insert a message on the inside or reverse of the card

The next stage of the design process is to add the inside message (or reverse if you are using a postcard format). To add a message on the inside of the card click on the grey textbox highlighted on the page. You can edit the text in the box in the same way as the text on the front of the card, as described above. However, in addition to customising the style of the text you can also chose the text colour. Click on your preferred colour. The Little One Prints Logo will appear on the colour you have selected. Click "done" to complete your selection.

NB: At this point you have completed all of the design elements. If you wish to make any changes to your design, you can go back by clicking one of the two "change" links shown above your design across from "choose the style of your card" or "design the front of your card".

As with the other stages, at this point you are able to go back to the look at all designs, move forward to the next stage of the design process or save your card and finish it later. To choose your next step simply click on one of the links found the right of the card style selection box. To go back to all card designs click "Back to designs"; to save your card click the "save card"; to continue with the order process click "next".

Can I save my design?

To save your design, simply click the "save card" button, located to the right of the Photo Tray. A pop up box will appear, asking you to name your design. Type the name in the space provided and then click "save card" to continue or "close window" to cancel. If you click "save card" you will be taken to the "Login" screen where you can complete the "Quick Register" with your email address and preferred password. Your card designs will be saved for 6 months.

How do I find my saved designs?

If you're already registered with us, you can login to your account by using the "Saved cards" link in the tool bar at the top of the page. Your card designs will be saved for 6 months.

Placing your order

How do I complete my card order?

Once you are happy with your design, you need to complete the "Confirm your design" page. On this page you have three options; "Back to edit card", "PDF preview" and "next".

Confirming your design is a very important step in the ordering process. It is your chance to review your order and ensure you are completely happy with the design. We do not edit card designs in any way before they are printed, so the design that you approve at this stage is exactly what will be printed. Please make sure you have spelt your child’s name correctly and that is says 2017, not 2007.

What is the PDF Preview?

We highly recommend that you click on the "PDF preview" link, located above the "next" button on the right hand side of the page. The PDF provides you with a larger version of your design, which you may also print for further review. The PDF Preview will automatically open in a new window. Simply close the window to exit the PDF Preview.

NB: The watermark that appears on your PDF preview is for security reasons only and will NOT be printed on your final design.

How do I approve my design?

After you have carefully reviewed your design, and before proceeding to the checkout, you will be asked to confirm the following details:

  • Any names are spelled correctly
  • Any dates and times are correct
  • Any photos are aligned correctly

These statements ensure that you have checked all aspects of your design. It is very important that you take the time to double check these details.

If you do not wish to make any further changes to your design, tick the box next to each statement (confirming you agree to our terms and conditions) and click "checkout". Alternatively, if you which to edit your design, you can go back to the design process by selecting the "Back to edit card" link.

Complete your order details

Quantity: The first stage in the order process is quantity. To provide maximum customer satisfaction, Little One Prints gives you the option of order any quantity of cards. Please note that the price will change depending on quantity, with the cheapest per card price starting at orders of 60 cards or more.

Finish: The next step is choosing the type of finish on your card; either satin or matt. Both finishes create beautiful cards but the matt finish is shinier than the matt. The matt finish can feel slightly more modern than satin, however, the satin finish tends to highlight the photo better. It is very much a matter of personal taste.

Additional envelopes: Envelopes are included with the price of your cards, however, you may wish to order extra envelopes in case you make a mistake or damage any of the envelopes provided.

The summary of your order, including visual of your card design, will be shown on the right hand side of the order detail page.

Once the order details have been entered you can either select "add to basket" or "checkout". If you wish to continue shopping and add additional designs to your order, select the "add to basket" option. To complete your order use "checkout".

Complete the checkout process

There are four simple steps in the checkout process; Billing information (and delivery address if different from billing address), Delivery Method, Order Summary and Payment.

Billing information: On the address page you are given the option to provide your "Delivery address" and "Billing address" (if different from delivery). If your country is not listed in the drop down menu please contact customer service using our online form or by sending an email to for further assistance.

Delivery method: Royal Mail 1st Class delivery is free for all UK orders. For added security, UK customers may choose our tracking service for an additional £1.99. This does not guarantee next day delivery however it does provide you with extra information on the location of your parcel. International orders are subject to a £5.95 or £6.95 delivery change, depending on location. If your country is not on the existing list please contact customer services using our online form or by sending an email to for further assistance.

Most orders delivered with Royal Mail 1st post should arrive within 2-3 working days of the order date. International delivery is largely dependent on the local delivery service available, with most international orders being received no later than 14 working days after order date.

Order summary: If you have a voucher code enter it in the box provided to receive your discount. We do send discount codes from time to time in our newsletter, especially at Christmas time.

Payment: You can either choose to pay using PayPal or a Credit/ Debit Card. Click on the appropriate link to enter your details and complete your order. Note: Once you click "buy now" you will not be able to change your order/ design.

To complete your order click the "make payment" button at the bottom of the page. Please note that you will not have another chance to review your order once you have clicked the make payment button.

Order confirmation

Once your order has gone through you will be taken to the order confirmation page. This page includes your order number, which will also be sent to you in an email. On this page you also have the opportunity to leave any feedback on your experience using the website. We welcome and appreciate all customer feedback.

All the other Little questions

When can I expect to receive my cards?

In the UK, you should expect to receive your stationary within 1-3 business days of placing your order, with European orders taking 5-7 days and international orders taking 10 days+ for delivery. Most orders are printed and posted the day after being placed. However, during our busy periods, this can take a little longer. And don't forget part of the process is out of our hands- once we mail your package, Royal Mail (or your local postal service) needs a bit of time on their end.

What paper stock do you use?

All of our cards are printed on 350gsm matt laminate, FSC approved paper to ensure the best quality cards.

How long can I store the photos in my account?

Uploaded photos can be stored in your account for up to 6 months. After 6 months, your photo(s) will be automatically removed from your account.

Is there a size limit for photos?

Yes, photos must be 20 MB or less.

What photo formats do you support?

You can currently upload photos in the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp and .tiff.

What type of pen can I use to write on my card?

To write on your cards we recommend using a ballpoint stick pen or a Sharpie. Please be careful when using a gel pen, rollerball pen, felt-tip pen, or any other liquid-ink based pens as there is a tendency for the ink to smudge if it is not completely dry.

How much do cards cost?

Our cards range from £0.99 to £2.99 per card. These prices include envelopes, delivery (to one UK address) and VAT. There are no additional costs, unless you request additional services, such as extra envelopes or recorded delivery.

Do envelopes come with my cards?

All our card orders include standard white envelopes free of charge. Additional envelopes may be purchased during the checkout process for £0.25 per envelope.

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